CUBA 情迷古巴風情 之旅




導覽語言:中文, English


行程特色 :





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行程介紹 :
Day 1: 
Arrival in Havana. Welcome by guide and transfer to hotel Nacional (30 min)
( Check into a standard room and dinner at the hotel.
到達夏灣拿,接機至 Nacional 酒店辦理入住手續 (含導遊,車程約 30 分鐘) -> 於酒店享用晚餐
Day 2: - 
Breakfast buffet. 9 AM tour of the city in a convertible classic American Vintage car of the
50ies with your Chinese speaking guide. We drive through the areas of Miramar with a stop
at Mahatma Ghandi Park, through the Metropolitan Park with its huge trees, through
Vedado with a stop at the Cemetary Columbus and going through the Paseo and
Presidentes boulevards. We drive along Havana Malecon to the view point over the city
from Morro Castle. (3 hours).

We end at Old Havana where we have a typical Cuban lunch at the Hemingway
restaurant Bodeguita del Medio (Cuban creole cuisine of rice and black beans served with
pork, fresh vegetables and potatoes). The meal includes a mojito cocktail who was
invented in this place.
There is band playing life traditional Cuban Music.

Afternoon walk in Old Havana along colonial streets and squares (Plaza de la Catedral,
Plaza de Armas, Plaza Vieja and Plaza San Francisco). We visit the Museum of the City or
the old Palace of the Governors of the island in colonial times. We end our visit to Old
Havana with a session of rum and tobacco. We taste the blending of Cuban rum, coffee
and tobacco. Return to the hotel around 5H30 PM.

In the evening, we have dinner in the private restaurant Ivan Justo with a fusion between
Cuban and Spanish cuisine.
於酒店享用早餐,0900 開始行程,乘坐美國五十年代經典老爺車遊覽市區 (含導遊): 聖雄甘地公園、
古巴墓園、普拉多大道 -> 沿海濱公路前往觀景台 -> 於海明威故居餐廳享用午餐連傳統音樂表演 (每
人含一杯雞尾酒) -> 於夏灣拿舊城區步行遊覽: 大教堂廣場、武器廣場、舊廣場、聖方濟各廣場、博
物館/舊皇宮 -> 朗姆酒、咖啡和煙草品嚐體驗 -> 約 1730 返回酒店 -> 晚上接送至餐廳享用晚餐 (古
Day 3: 
Breakfast buffet. 9 AM tour of the city in a Russian limousine of the 70ies in which the
presidents and ambassadors of the former Soviet Union drove around. We start the day
with a visit to a cigar Factory in Havana. Here we see how Cuban cigars are rolled entirely
by hand. We visit the different departments in the Factory and have shopping possibilities
at the end. We continue to Old Havana where we visit the Museum of the Revolution
where we learn more about the Cuban Revolution. We continue to the Plaza de la
Revolucion, huge square where the governmental manifestations take place. Visit of the
Museum of Jose Marti, National Hero.

We have lunch at the Chinese restaurant Tien Tan in the Chinese Quarter of the city, legacy
of the Chinese immigrants that came to Cuba in the 19th Century.

Afternoon visit of the Cabaña Castle and Morro Castle of Havana together with the Head
Quarters of Che Guevara.

At 6H30 PM transfer to restaurant La Guarida, famous top end restaurant in Havana and
scene of the Cuban Oscar winning movie “Fresa and Chocolate”.

At 9 PM we continue to Tropicana to see the famous cabaret under the stars. Entrance
includes Cuba libre drinks. Around midnight return to the hotel.
於酒店享用早餐,0900 開始行程,乘坐 70 年代俄羅斯豪華轎車遊覽: 雪茄工廠、革命博物館、革命
廣場、何塞馬蒂紀念碑 -> 於唐人街餐廳享用中式午餐 -> 夏灣拿城堡、摩洛城堡 -> 約 1700 返回酒店
-> 1830 接送至餐廳享用晚餐 -> 2100 接送至 Tropicana 觀光歌舞表演 (每人一杯著名朗姆酒) -> 約
0000 返回酒店
Day 4: 
TBreakfast buffet. At 8 AM drive in medium car to Viñales area, a very beautiful rural area
where the best tobacco in the World grows. We visit the view point over the valley from
Jasmines hotel. We visit a tobacco farm and learn about the process that is done in the
fields to come to the perfect tobacco. We visit the Mural of the Prehistory. We have lunch
at an organic farm with beautiful views over the surroundings. We visit in the afternoon the
Indian Cave and the village of Viñales. Return in the afternoon (6 hours’ drive).

Dinner in the hotel.
於酒店享用早餐,0800 開始行程遊覽雲尼斯山谷 (雪茄煙草產地)、Jasmines 酒店的頂點觀景台、煙
草農場、史前石壁畫 Mural of the Prehistory -> 在有機農場享用午餐 -> 印第安地下迷海、雲尼斯
山谷村落 -> 於酒店餐廳享用晚餐
Day 5: 
Breakfast buffet. At 8H30 am departure to the area of Cienfuegos (3 hours drive). On arrival
we visit the historic centre of this colonial town founded by French colonists. We see the
Parque Marti with the cathedral and the Theatre Terry, typical 19th Century Theatre
building. We visit the area of Punta Gorda with nice buildings of the turn of the century
(19th to 20th Century).

We have lunch at Villa Lagarto, right at the bay front, a typical Cuban restaurant in open

In the afternoon, we continue to Trinidad (1 hour). On arrival, we have a walk in the Old
Center passing by colonial squares like Plaza Mayor and the small cobbled stoned streets.
We have a typical Cuban cocktail at Canchanchara bar with some live music.
Check in your colonial boutique hotel 3* like hostal Lola, Café Tuti or La Casona. Dinner
tonight is at the lodging.
於酒店享用早餐,0830 接送至西恩富戈斯 (約 3 小時車程) -> 遊覽法國殖民城鎮的歷史中心: 馬蒂公
園、西恩菲格斯的主座教堂、特裏劇院、充滿殖民地色彩的前高尚住宅區 Punta Gorda -> 於 Villa
Lagarto 享用午餐 -> 接送至千里達 (約 1 小時車程) -> 市長廣場、小鵝卵石街道、於
Canchanchara bar 享用雞尾酒和現場音樂表演 -> 於酒店餐廳享用晚餐 -> 入住千里達區內酒店
Day 6: 
Breakfast at hotel. We drive with our guide into the mountains of the Escambray in the
back of Trinidad. From Topes de Collantes mirador we have a wonderful view over the
mountains and even the lowlands towards the sea where is Trinidad. We continue to the
beginning of the trail that takes us to a waterfall surrounded by tropical lush forest nature.
You can swim in the falls and natural pools. Lunch in a natural environment in the
mountains. We visit the local museum about coffee production in the mountains.
In the afternoon, we drive back to Trinidad but continue to the beach area. We see the
Caribbean coastline and beach with its beautiful turquoise tranquil waters.

In the evening, we have dinner at the local paladar Vista Gourmet with lobster menu and
after this we visit some music venues in Trinidad centre like Casa de la Musica and Casa de
la Trova with the famous Cuban music known as Buenavista Social Club.
於酒店享用早餐,0800 接送至埃斯坎比瑞山脈,沿著小徑的開始步行到一個被熱帶茂密的森林自然
海水,約 1730 返到酒店,接送至 Vista Gourmet 享用龍蝦晚餐 -> 夜遊音樂廣場、歌謠之屋,欣賞
Day 7: 
Breakfast at hotel. Departure to the Valley of the Ingenios, a beautiful valley where the
sugar industry flourished in the 19th Century. Visit of the historic Hacienda Manaca Iznaga.

We continue to Santa Clara (1 hour) and visit the mausoleum and museum of Che
Guevara, hero from the Cuban Revolution. We have lunch in the historic centre of Trinidad.
Transfer in the afternoon to Varadero (3 hours). Overnight in the 5 stars Melia Varadero
hotel right at the Varadero beach. This is an all-inclusive hotel (all meals and drinks
included). You have a standard room.

Hotel information:
於酒店享用早餐,0800 接送至千里達農村地區 -> 伊兹那卡高塔 -> 接送至聖塔克拉拉 (約 1 小時車
程) -> 切格瓦拉陵墓和博物館 -> 於本地餐廳享用午餐 -> 接送至巴拉德羅(約 3 小時車程) -> 於酒店
餐廳享用晚餐 -> 入住五星海邊度假酒店 (全包式酒店)
Day 8: 
Free at leisure at the all-inclusive beach resort. 自由活動
Day 9: 
Free at leisure at the all-inclusive beach resort. 自由活動
Day 10: 
Breakfast at hotel. In due time transfer by taxi to Havana airport with Mandarin speaking
按航班時間送機 (含導遊)
行程資訊 :

- 2人成行

- 旺季每位加 $2,000 (請向FLYCAT查詢)

- 每天出團

​- **不包括香港-古巴機票

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